Organizing Family Memorabilia and Photographs

Your family story… does it stir your soul? *like this silk handmade handkerchief that was tucked inside my great grandmother’s funeral book*

It can be overwhelming but, those stories should be preserved if you have them. I organize physical memorabilia in archival sleeves for safe keeping before taking things to use for scrapbooking. I also use Forever storage to scan and digitally save in a storage account that is safe and private. This is how you begin. Not stashed away jumbled in a box somewhere to deteriorate in the garage.

I use digital and traditional scrapbooking from Creative Memories and Forever to create my albums. I love digital scrapbooking but my creative soul wants to cut paper and touch every little thing. I do many crafty things but this is my real passion and my focus. Do you want to know more? Need help? I am here to guide and help you! Direct message me or click my Creative Memories or Forever links for resources! 🤍

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