Preserving Your Family History

Lillie Kilpatrick Lindsay, My Great Grandmother

Are you the family history keeper or you want to learn how to safely keep your family photographs and stories? Knowing where you come from may give you a glimpse into who you are and where your family homelands are.

Cloud storage and relying on social media accounts for storing your photographs can be terminated, corrupted, is semi private and dies with you. As a photo organizer, I have found a safe, protected, storage organization place for our precious family memories.

I use Forever to store all of my photographs and pdf information that I want to keep safe. It is permanent storage guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years. The photos can be shared and you have total control over the privacy of your storage.

Do you want your grandchildren, your home and what you own out in Google land? Please be mindful of what you share on social media. You can try Forever with a free account and get 2GB of storage and a $20 coupon to use toward wall art, digital scrapbooking, storage or printed products.

If you have outdated media it can be converted to digital at Forever, too. Slides, DVDs, reel to reel movies, and photo scanning are all convertible. Explore Forever, preserve your precious family memories and learn to tell your family stories.

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