Red, that powerful color!

I was planning to be more minimalist with my holiday decorations this year but, I keep finding myself pulling out a little more everyday. The memories that live in those items is like comfort food. I know I need a little more of that right now.

I am always amazed at the color red. It is so powerful that it is the only Feng Shui remedy that cures with color alone. My environmental element is fire. I don’t use enough red and fire in my life. My goal for next year is to support myself with more.

This Longaberger Sparkle Tree is something I brought out today. The red and also the triangular shape are very much the element of fire in Feng Shui. It made me smile.

Without any thought, I originally set this tree on a table in my Southeast corner. The Southeast -our wealth gua, using Feng Shui principles, is a wood element also the East – family. I moved the red tree to an area that needed a boost of fire energy and added tall, round leaf plants to the Southeast and East. I was wondering where to put some of the extra green plants that brought in from the outside recently. The perfect solution. We could all use a little boost in the wood element energy this December of 2020. You may want to try this and see how it feels to you!

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