Need to Convert Old Media?

Our memories are priceless. Do you have old media that you can no longer enjoy because it’s outdated? I would love to help you convert those so that you and your family can enjoy them! Forever has wonderful conversion service to convert your old media into digital photos! You order a Conversion Box from them and then put your conversion items inside. We can convert slides, negatives, reel to reel film, video tapes, and more.

Your Forever Box comes with a set conversion credit, which is equal to the list price of the box. That credit is applied directly to the total cost of the items you are sending in for conversion. However, you are not limited by the amount of your conversion credit. We encourage you to fill your box with as many items as you’d like!

Pricing information is available under the Digitize tab on my Forever webpage. You will then be able to figure out how much you can put into each size Forever box. This will help you determine the best box size you would need. There will be an additional 3 way shipping charge. When visiting the Forever webpage, always click the Deals tab at the right hand top to see what the current deals are, there are always deals!

You can sign up for a FREE Forever account and get 2 GB of storage free and until December 31, 2020 get $20.00 credit just for signing up. Visit Forever here .

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