DIY Feng Shui Salt Cure

There are times that we may feel an area of our home or office has stagnant, negative energy. There are many ways we can remedy this in Feng Shui. Sometimes, we can use salt to absorb negative energies. Here is a Do It Yourself salt cure you can make from simple ingredients you may already have.

I have used one of these in the center of my home this year because the center represents health and well being on the Feng Shui bagua. This year, a good place for a salt cure is in the South of your home. This is where the illness star is sitting until February of 2021. You need to use brass coins with your salt. Pennies will work just as well as Chinese coins.

Leave your salt cure open and away from an area where pets may try to lick the salt. It may begin to overflow with growing salt crystals after it has been there for awhile. Enjoy!

How to Make a Saltwater Cure


Container or jar (glass or ceramic, NOT metal)

Coarse Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt

6 Brass Coins (I use I-Ching Chinese coins with the square cut in the center, but you can use pennies)

Purified / Distilled Water


  1. Ground your energy by focusing on an intention or goal you would like to achieve.
  2. Fill the jar halfway with the sea salt.
  3. Place the six brass coins in a clockwise circular patter with the yang side facing up. (the side with the most characters or the head side)
  4. Pour water into the jar to cover the salt.
  5. Leave jar open.
  6. Place it in areas of your home where you feel stagnant or negative energy.  Also, if you know your Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars for your home, you can place it where you have annual 2, 3, 5, or 7.

There is no need to re-do it for the rest of the year.  You can occasionally top off the water if needed.  When the new year comes, recycle the items but do not reuse them.

In areas where there is negative energy, crystals will start to form.  If there is a lot going on, it may overflow the jar so keep an eye on them. If it looks as though it is overflowing, discard the entire jar and replace with a new one.

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