What will 2021 have in store for us?

After a year like 2020, we are all looking forward to better things ahead. Each building has it’s own particular energy pattern. I use the year the home was built along with the compass directions to determine the sitting and facing directions to build a unique layer of a Feng Shui analysis. In classical Feng Shui we use numbers associated with good and bad energies that “fly” into areas of our home. Flying Stars are what lead to many of the Feng Shui “cures”. I’ll be mapping out 2021’s flying star energies very soon.

For now, let’s focus on the center of your home. In Feng Shui, the center represents our well being and our health. It is the heart of the home and important for energy flowing to every area. Right now, we can focus on our health and implement some simple things to support us here.

The first thing is to be sure the center of your home is free of clutter. Clutter stagnates the energy in a space and we need for this area to be clutter free. This is true for all of the levels in your home if it has a second floor or basement. When a closet is located in the center of your home it should be clutter free and neatly organized. If there is a bathroom located here, you can ground it with good earth energy. The earth element supports the center space of your home. This can be earthy colors such as browns and tans used on the walls or in the tile, or towels, accessories and rugs in earth tone colors. I love a touch of earthy yellow here. The earth elements helps to “dam” some of the water element that is typically in a bathroom. Ceramic and terra cotta pots and items that are square in shape also represent the earth element.

I know many of us are trying to kill virus germs to stay safe from the Covid-19. Please be mindful here to try to be as toxin free as possible with your cleaning supplies. We want to be effective fighting the virus but it’s important to research some less toxic brands or make your own cleaning supplies from essential oils. There is a lot of online information available on this subject.

You may add a Himalayan salt lamp here. They have a soft earthy glow and it has been said the salt absorbs some negative ions. You can also make your own salt cure. I’ll be sharing instructions for a diy salt cure tomorrow!

Be well, friends!

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