Your Home, Your Sacred Space

What a year!

We have all been spending more time at home than we might like. This is a wonderful time to be sure your home is supportive. How does it feel? Comforting, sacred, reflective of who you are today? Or is it cluttered, disorganized and you’d rather be anywhere but home.

There are many things you can do during this time to stay busy and reconnect with “home”. Play music, cook with joy, rearrange things for new energy. Read, rest, clean out some drawers. Exercise, do some yoga, work in the yard. Bring in some flowers or a small branch. Diffuse essential oil, light a candle. Clean up. Take an online class and learn something new, make some art. Make a plan. What would you change?

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, let your focus be on gratitude for what you already have and not the things you may not have at the moment. We know that this may not be like the Thanksgivings in our past. Plan today so that you can have your favorite comfort foods. There is nothing that says that the Thanksgiving meal has to be turkey! Have what brings you joy! Connect with loved ones online or on the phone. Cozy up and relax. Read a book or do something you typically don’t have time for. Give yourself some grace. It’s possibly not going to be a day like we are used to, but that’s ok!

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