Homes That Heal And Support

I’m a crafter, an artist and a designer. Researching my family ancestry and making scrapbooks that tell our story is my hobby. My training is interior design and I’m a Feng Shui practitioner – that’s my passion. We have all been spending more time at home with the Covid-19 situation, looking at our environment at home more than we ever have. Are you feeling more comfortable in some areas of your home and less comfortable in others?

Creating a supportive space that is personal to you and those who live with you is more important now than ever before. I analyze the direction of your home and where each area of your life shows up in your floor plan. It amazes me how much our environment affects our well being. We all need support and healing right now. Feng Shui can be a lifeline for us. I’ll be talking more about this, along with my crafty, creative life here in the blog. I invite you to follow along on this journey…

Now offering virtual Feng Shui consultations if that’s something that resonates with you!

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